The Spiritual Transmission of Avatar Adi Da Samraj is received as a tangible, Blissful Current of Spirit-Force, filling the body-mind from head to toe. To experience this undeniable Spirit-Force, coming upon you from Beyond, is incomprehensibly profound. It is a “washing” of the entire being that purifies and opens up the knotted-up body and mind.

In this process, the flesh body is literally “Brightened” by the Divine Avatar’s Spiritual Radiance, and a fundamental shift occurs in the way one sees the world. The ordinary point of view about reality—that regards existence as merely gross, or material, is seen to be obviously untrue. Reality is seen and felt and known to be Spiritual in nature. This transformation of view is a Yogic event, not a mental process. It occurs directly through the Grace of Avatar Adi Da’s Spiritual Infusion of the body. As this Spiritual process unfolds, one is no longer dominated by the conceptual mind, or bound to its chatter, because the being is drawn deeper—in meditation and daily life—to something more compelling and real. What is infinitely more attractive than the mind is the “Bright”, the Radiant heart-Fullness of Reality Itself. Most ultimately, the “Bright” is Where one Stands perpetually—waking, dreaming, and sleeping.



—Avatar Adi Da Samraj

“I offer you a relationship, not a technique.”


The Divine Way Given by
 Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da, 2008

WHEN PEOPLE ARE LEARNING about the practice of a religious or Spiritual way of life, they generally first want to know, “What is the goal or purpose?”  It is usually presumed that religious and Spiritual life is necessarily founded on a quest for some kind of attainment—to achieve union with God, to find Truth, to live God’s way, to go to heaven, to Realize Nirvana, to stand as the Self, and so on. The Way of Adidam is, from the beginning, entirely without “goal”. Nothing further needs be added to your body, your mind, your life, or your heart. You do not need a philosophy or a technique in order to “attain” the Truth. The Truth is, by definition, always already the case.

Since the earliest days of His Teaching-Work, Avatar Adi Da Samraj has always said, “I offer you a relationship, not a technique.”  This is the single essential “method” of the Way of Adidam. The practice of Adidam is to live the relationship to the Divine Avatar, Adi Da. You Behold Him as the “Bright” in every moment, and receive His transforming Spiritual Blessing. Thus, the relationship with Him is the practice and the means and the Realization itself.

One of the unique fundamentals of the Divine Avatar’s Teaching is that human beings, themselves, are preventing the Realization of Reality—through something they are doing. Each one is contracting from Reality, presuming to be an ego, a separate self. This ego-act (the act of self-contraction) is the source of all suffering and unhappiness. The self-contraction makes human life into a constant drama of seeking—every kind of search to attain, avoid, or identify with experience (high and low). Understanding oneself fundamentally as the self-contraction allows one to become available to Avatar Adi Da Samraj’s Transmission of the “Bright.”

​While His own experience of the “Bright” and the “Thumbs” was unique, a similar process takes place in Avatar Adi Da Samraj’s devotee. Just as He Combined with His own body-mind via the “Thumbs”, Avatar Adi Da Samraj Spiritually Transmits to others His very Nature and Condition. The Spiritual Way that the Divine Avatar has Given to human beings—the Way of Adidam—is a Divine Transmission-Process, in which He is Moved to Radiate His “Bright” Condition to His devotees in Response to their demonstrated devotion.

The usual Spiritual endeavor is an effort “from the ground up”, a search to refine the being so that it is capable of ascending to What is Above. The Way of Adidam—the Way of the Divine Avatar, Adi Da Samraj, demonstrates the opposite process. What is Above Comes Down to what is below. The Divine Person, Avatar Adi Da Samraj, literally Descends, in the form of His Spiritually Transmitted Presence, into the body-mind of His devotee.

One of the unique fundamentals of the Divine Avatar’s Teaching is that human beings, themselves, are preventing the Realization of Reality—through something they are doing.