Freeing Energy and Attention:

The Divine Way Given by

The Third Fundamental of the Way of Adidam

 Avatar Adi Da Samraj


Avatar Adi Da, 2008

Conscious Process and Conductivity practices are engaged through:

     1. Meditation
     2. Puja
     3. Chanting
     4. Prayer
     5. Recitation
     6. Simple Naama Japa
     7. Preliminary Practice of "Perfect Knowledge"
     8. Relaxation, feeling, and breathing exercises

“If you make Me the Object of your attention, all the other ‘things’ of attention (which have no permanence) will dissolve.”

                —Avatar Adi Da Samraj, Da Love-Ananda Gita

AVATAR ADI DA HAS GIVEN TWO BASIC FORMS of practice that deepen the fundamental practice of devotional turning to Him: The Conscious Process (supports the turning of the faculty of attention to Avatar Adi Da) and Conductivity (supports the turning of the faculties of body, emotion, and breath to Avatar Adi Da). These two practices are complementary and mutually supportive and are only engaged on the basis of already being turned to Avatar Adi Da. They are ways of freeing energy and attention, and supporting and magnifying the freely received Gift of devotion, not ways of “getting” devotion to “happen.” This crucial distinction is what makes these practices a matter of the relationship to Avatar Adi Da—rather than a matter of techniques, engaged independent of the relationship to Him.

The conscious process and conductivity practices are engaged most intensively during formal periods of meditation. Meditation in the Way of Adidam is a concentrated occasion of turning the faculties of the body-mind to Avatar Adi Da, with no other distractions. True meditation in the Way of Adidam is a Gift from Avatar Adi Da, of in-depth Communion with Him, rather than any kind of self-motivated technique. As your practice matures in the Way of Adidam, meditation becomes an ever-deepening occasion of Communion with Avatar Adi Da, and it becomes your primary daily “food”. It is the key practice in the process of “waking up” to the Divine Reality.