The Divine Way Given by
 Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Words of appreciation and

praise from world leaders,

authors and educators

Avatar Adi Da, 2005

These stories, or leelas, are told in gratitude by Avatar Adi Da Samraj’s devotees, who want you to have the opportunity to experience what they experience: the Miracle of Living Truth, Blessing their lives. They want you to know about and consider the way of life that Avatar Adi Da offers—The

Way of the Heart, or the Way

of Adidam. It is not a life of

seeking for experience

or for “God”. It is a life of

present-time, moment-to-

moment devotional relation-

ship to the Radiant, Free,

Love-Blissful Divine Guru,

Adi Da Samraj.

The Ruchira Sannyasin Order

  • Consciousness-and-Energy are One

The Spiritual Power

of Avatar Adi Da Samraj

  • It is Love to the degree of Total Bliss
  • The Light seemed to be the source of His body
  • The Hole in the Universe
  • As if I had stuck my finger into a light socket


  • My niece’s miraculous recovery from a skiing accident
  • The miraculous reversal of a medical crisis
  • My father’s miraculous recovery from pneumonia
  • My son’s remarkable relationship with Avatar Adi Da

The Heart’s Awakening

  • My father’s Blessed death
  • “You must love your mother!”
  • Sixteen Years of Yoga, Traditional Meditation, and Monastic Life
  • In my pain about the world, I had not taken God into account

“The life and teaching of Avatar Adi Da Samraj are of profound and decisive spiritual significance at this critical moment in history.” 

Bryan Deschamp, former Senior Adviser at the United Nations High Commission for Refugees

"There exists nowhere in the world today, among Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, native tribalists, or any other groups, anyone who has so much to teach, or speaks with such authority, or is so important for understanding our situation. If we are willing to learn from him in every way, he is a pole around which the world can get its bearings." 

Henry Leroy Finch, author, Wittgenstein—The Early Philosophy and Wittgenstein—The Later Philosophy

“Avatar Adi Da's Ruchira Avatara Gita has been carved out of the Heart of a great Master, out of compassion for aspiring humanity. Only those who are ready to go beyond themselves can taste the ambrosia that flows out of such a Heart-Master as Avatar Adi Da. I feel this Gita will be of immense help to aspirants for a divine life.” 

M.P. Pandit, authorThe Upanishads: Gateways of Knowledge and Studies in the Tantras and the Veda

“It is obvious, from all sorts of subtle details, that he knows what IT’s all about…a rare being.” 

Alan Watts, author, The Way of Zen and The Wisdom of Insecurity

 “Fly to the side of this God-Man. His Divine Transmission works miracles of change not possible by any other Spiritual means.” 

Lee Sannella, author, The Kundalini Experience

“I regard Adi Da Samraj as one of the greatest teachers in the Western world today.” 

Irina Tweedie, Sufi teacher and author, Chasm of Fire

“Adi Da Samraj has spoken directly to the heart of our human situation—the shocking gravity of our brief and unbidden lives. Through his words I have experienced a glimmering of eternal life, and view my own existence as timeless and spaceless in a way that I never have before.” 

Richard Grossinger, author, Planet Medicine

“Adi Da and his unique body of teaching work offer a rare and extraordinary opportunity for those courageous students who are ready to move beyond ego and take the plunge into deepest communion with the Absolute. Importantly, the teaching is grounded in explicit discussion of necessary psycho-spiritual evolution and guides the student to self-responsibility and self-awareness.” 

Elisabeth Targ, MD, University of California San Francisco School of Medicine and former Director of Complimentary Medicine Research Institute, California Pacific Medical Center

 “Nothing like this has ever been Revealed before. We have waited for this moment in history for countless lifetimes. Adi Da Samraj is the True Heart of the world.” 

Roger Savoie, PhD, philosopher, writer, translator, and author, La Vipere et le Lion: La Voie radicale de la Spiritualite

“That God can, among other things, actually incarnate in human form once seemed unbelievable to me. But reading the books of Avatar Adi Da obliterated all doubt about the existence of God right now, here on Earth in human form.” 

Charmian Anderson, PhD, psychologist and author, Bridging Heaven and Earth and The Heart of Success

"I have been writing and editing in the field of health and healing for over twenty years. But I know that the Divine Heart-Master is the Ultimate Healer . . . because He is the only One Who can awaken you beyond all disease, all change, all suffering, beyond even death itself, to His very Nature: Immortal, Unchanging, Deathless, All-Pervading Conscious Light. Adi Da Samraj is the Divine Heart-Master, the Promised God-man, the True Healer. . . . Fall in love with Adi Da Samraj; be healed at heart." 

Bill Gottlieb, Editor, New Choices in Natural Healing