The Divine Way Given by
 Avatar Adi Da Samraj

These are stories about human need and Divine Response, about mortal suffering and Miraculous Intervention. Avatar Adi Da Samraj’s sympathy is so great, not only does He Love everybody with unqualified, unobstructed feeling, He literally became everybody: comprehending all, embracing all, suffering all, and declaring, from His Universal Heart,

“I Am humankind.”

Avatar Adi Da Samraj’s Divine Sympathy is, in a sense, twofold. It is Divinely Compassionate: His constant Intention and Work are to help alleviate the suffering of countless beings. It is Divinely Liberating: His constant Intention and Work are not only to reduce the possibility and consequences of suffering, but to Awaken all being beyond suffering into the unlimited Happiness of Real God—the perfect peace and searchless satisfaction of Conscious Light. Thus, these stories are not only about the Compassionate Blessings of Avatar Adi Da Samraj. They are also about His Liberating Blessing-Grace, which He offers as a Gift for the sake of Awakening all beings beyond any suffering of the body and mind to the Prior Condition of Eternal Freedom and Happiness.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: “What I Do all day requires an extraordinary sensitivity to countless beings, which I suffer without limitation. I could not Do the Work I Do if I were not suffering It. My Blessing-Regard is moved by this suffering, this complete absence of illusions. To be most profoundly Awake intensifies the awareness of the suffering nature of the world to a virtually unbearable degree—if there were not the Awakening that accompanies It.

You could not even look at what I see. You could not bear it. It is an exquisite suffering, an unlimited suffering that spreads Me all over the earth. Therefore, you cannot want This, but you can grow into It and Realize It. And Realization is not what you think—it is What you Are. . . .

Of course, this is My Work. It will not be the same for others who are Divinely Self-Realized by My Grace in the Way of Adidam, for they do not have my Avataric Work. But it will be the same in that there is this sensitization, this transformation from desire to compassion, this unqualified sense of the suffering nature of all beings.”


The Divine Compassionate Miracles of Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da, 2008

Love and Blessings

These leelas are just a few stories from the book Love and Blessings: The Divine Compassionate Miracles of Avatar Adi Da Samraj:

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  • My eleven-year-old niece’s miraculous recovery from a skiing accident

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  • The miraculous reversal of a medical crisis

Ward 11

  • My father’s miraculous recovery from pneumonia

My Self Is in My Heart

  • My son’s remarkable relationship with Avatar Adi Da