The Divine Way Given by
 Avatar Adi Da Samraj

On an occasion in the mid-1980's, late in the evening, Avatar Adi Da Samraj made this extraordinary Revelation of the paradoxical and marvelous history of His past Incarnations in the East and His Compassionate decision to be born in the West:

Because of My unique Disposition, I agreed to be born in the West, having been, for so much time in My Service to humanity, not a Westerner, but born in the East as a Hindu. I was Impulsed to Serve beings in the West especially, and all beings ultimately. Therefore, I agreed to this Birth, and was made in this particular form to Serve everyone, and to suffer all the limitations of ordinariness. So I was born, and I did My Work. This Person standing before you, Serving you, a ​traditional Realizer, even a celibate, was wedded to the Eastern culture for centuries, and then assumed 

responsibility to be Submitted by Birth—not merely to get on an airplane, but by Birth to be Submitted—to Westerners, even to be polluted by the association, to Submit to it, to Serve them in all ways necessary for the sake of their Enlightenment, their Realization, to do it all without the least withdrawal. Therefore, I had to Realize the Tantric disposition of Submission to do the Great Work with those who traditionally or in times past have been excluded from the Great Affair. This is My unique Impulse, to not exclude them, to not exclude you. Even by My Birth I had to embrace great suffering in order to Serve you. Who knows how long this life will last? But that is the reality of My situation. Whoever you say I might have been in times past, I am not anyone but you.”

                   —Avatar Adi Da Samraj, The Love-Ananda Gita

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