The Divine Way Given by
 Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da, 1981

of Avatar Adi Da

Testimony to the Spiritual Power

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: “Even in the case of beginners in the Way of Adidam, many experiential signs, or spontaneous effects, of My Spiritual Heart-Transmission may appear during occasions of Darshan of Me (in my physical Company). Such experiential signs may include spontaneous kriyas, spontaneous mudras, spontaneous tears, spontaneous laughter, spontaneous Yogic movements, spontaneous pranayama, and other such spontaneous psycho-physical evidence of My Spiritual Heart-Transmission. There may also appear other characteristic signs in the mind. The mind may spontaneously become quiet, or questions may disappear. There may be spontaneous understanding and illumination, and difficulties and questions may spontaneously be resolved. And there may be visions. . . .

In any case, whatever signs do arise, your self-surrendering, self-forgetting, and self-transcending practice of feeling-Contemplation of Me must continue. If you cling to experiences, then the having of any experience becomes dissociation from Me. Indeed, the experience of any "thing" tends to become egoic. Therefore, if you are My true devotee, then, no matter what arises, you must surrender to Me, you must forget your separate and separative self through feeling-Contemplation of Me, and you must transcend your separate and separative self in ever-deepening Communion with Me.”

Here are some leelas, or testimonials, from devotees who speak about
the Spiritual Power of Avatar Adi Da Samraj:

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