The Divine Way Given by
 Avatar Adi Da Samraj

​​And When The Heart Un-Locks,
the body-mind Becomes A Flower
In The Tangible Garden
Of My Divine "Bright" Spherical Self-Domain. . . .

Your Heart Must Decide—
Whether To Raise A Fist,
and Throw A Rock,
At The ego-Crushing Natural Universe,
Or To Make A Flower Grow
In The Garden Of Indestructible Light.

The Devotional Recognition-Response
To Me
The Divine Flowering
Of the body-mind.

Your Heart Must
Recognize Me
and Choose Me—
and Not merely believe Me—
If I Am To "Brighten" You.

Faith Is A Flower,
and Not a mind's idea,
or a body's satisfaction.

The Insight
That Flowers the body-mind

The body-mind Of Man
Is Like A Seed,
That Lies Asleep
Within The Dark and Depth
Of Earth's Unconsciousness.

And I Am Like A Thunderstorm
Of Fresh Down-Crashing Sound and Light,
That Weathers Me
Into The Earth-World
With A Flood Of True and Living Water.

And When The True Water
Of My Love-Bliss-Presence
Flows Deep Into the body-mind,
The "Brightest" Sound and Shape Of Me
Strikes Through The Germ Of Mankind's Seed within.

It Is The Heart That Breaks
By My Divine Invasion there.
Its Germ Of Me-"Bright" Suddenness
Un-Knots The Seed Of body-mind,
When I Crash Down Into The Earthen Core.

Your Heart Must
Recognize Me
and Choose Me—
and Not merely believe Me—
If I Am To “Brighten” You.

            —Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da, 2005

The Body-Mind of Man Is Like A Seed

                                                                                by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Is Made Of Heart,
and Not Of Seeker's Thrum
Of thought,
and thought's Abstract Invasion
Of the body.

No mere belief,
or Mummery Of thinking mind,
Can Make The Fist Of ego's Knot

And No Set Stage
Of mere perception
Can Outlast The Crushing Time
Of merely Natural life.

The Rock Of ego
The Fist Of self-Contracted body-mind
Will Last a mere and Total lifetime—
Whereas The Heart-Flower
Breaks The Earth
Above the head's Clay Crown,
and Finds My "Bright" Beginning
In An Eternal Field,
Above the stars.


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