The Divine Way Given by
 Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Reality (Itself, and Totally) Is An Immense (and, Yet, Perfectly Sizeless) Paradox That Cannot (From any conditional point of view) Be Comprehended.

                                                            —Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da, 2008

​​Therefore, it is necessary to (most fundamentally) understand this (or the total psycho-physical self-contraction itself), and (by the transcending of the total psycho-physical self-contraction itself) to Recover Awareness of the obvious (or inherent) Love-Bliss-Unity (and, Thus, to inherently account for everything, and also, Thereby, to solve, or inherently transcend, all problems).

This most fundamental self-understanding (and this Recovery) cannot (fruitfully) be sought—for all seeking is inherently associated with an already present (and total psycho-physical) act of self-contraction (and, thereby, of separation, separateness, and separativeness). . . .

Therefore, if most fundamental self-understanding is not already Realized in the present, it must (and can only) be Realized by Means of Divine Spiritual Grace (as an Avatarically Given Free Gift).

Aham Da Asmi. I Am Da (the Divine Giver), the Avatarically Self-Revealed Divine Person and the Avatarically Self-Given Divine Means of this Divine Spiritual Grace.

I Am Love-Ananda (the Divine Love-Bliss), the Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Spiritual Presence and the Avatarically Self-Revealed Divine Spiritual Way of this Free Gift.

[Da Love-Ananda Gita]


There Is Not Any "Personal Identity", but Always Only the Ultimate Identity
By Avatar Adi Da Samraj

No "object" is Worthy of wanting need.

No Search is Fruitful.

No pain is Necessary.

No "other" is Worthy of futile seeking-desire and inevitable emptiness.

Neither attachment Nor avoidance is Right.

No sorrow is Necessary.

No "thing" is More Than Wonderful.

Neither bewilderment Nor knowledge is Free.

Fear itself is Ultimate pain, but it is Utterly Un-Necessary.

Seeking and attaining are (Inevitably) a Total loss, and loss itself is the Only Constant Discovery in every gain.

Seeking by desiring is (itself), even previous to either gain or loss, an empty hole of unending darkness (self-Contracted from the One and Only "All" of the Unbroken and Indivisible Divine Conscious Light), but seeking-desire is an Illusion of Filling (and only a Search for possible Fullness), because it is "Filled" only with mind (and mind Cannot Be Truly Filled, because it is always "Full" of itself (and the Self-Evidently Divine Fullness That Truly, and Even Always Already, Fills all-and-All Is "Outside", or Perfectly Beyond, the Presumed "center" and the Presumed "bounds" of every one and every "thing").

The knowledge of bewilderment (and Not any Filling-"object" or Filling-"other") is the only "thing" in mind.

The world of "objects", or "others", or "things" Already (in any moment) bites, and it Always bites back.

Therefore, Listen To Me (Perfectly), and Hear Me (Perfectly), and See Me (Perfectly), and Stand Back In Me (the Only One "Who" Is), and Feel Me (the Only "What" and "Where" of Is).

To Seek "objects" (and Not To Understand that All Seeking is Moved by pain) is pain itself, and bewilderment.

To desire "others" or to avoid them (and Not To Understand that desire and avoidance are Made of sorrow) is sorrow itself, and dark emptiness.

To Wonder and to know "things" (and Not To Understand that knowledge is Never Satisfied) is the Essence of fear itself.

The "personal identity", the ego-"I", or the separate, darkly empty, painful, and psycho-physically self-Contracted body-mind is Always an Illusion, an Un-Recognized Reflection of 

The Obvious Love-Bliss-Unity
By Avatar Adi Da Samraj

The (Ultimate) Nature of the world (and how it is arising) is inherently (and tacitly) obvious, if you remain in a state of total psycho-physical oneness with whatever and all that presently arises.

To remain in a state of total psycho-physical oneness with whatever and all that presently arises, you must (necessarily, and always presently) Realize inherently Love-Blissful Unity with whatever and all that presently arises.

Inherently Love-Blissful Unity with whatever and all that presently arises is (Itself, or inherently) non-separation (or no-contraction) from whatever and all that presently arises.

Separation (or total psycho-physical self-contraction) is the first (and foundation) gesture made by anyone who has a problem, or who is seeking, or who is making an effort to account for anything whatsoever. . . .

Consciousness (or Feeling-Awareness) Itself—a Mirage of need, searchfull desirability, and Wonder, Superimposed On Consciousness (or Feeling-Awareness) Itself by the apparent (and Un-Necessary) flow of events that (in themselves) are (it Seems) Not Consciousness.

There is Not (now, or Ever) any "personal identity" (or separate entity of ego-"I"), but Always Only the Ultimate (and Self-Evidently Divine) Identity, or Non-Separate (and Inherently egoless) Conscious Light Itself, Always Already Free, One, Indivisible, Whole, Full, and All Love-Bliss-"Bright". . . .

The Heart Is My Eternal Hermitage, "Where" (Even Now) the inherently dualistic (or All-the-"Difference"-Making) feeling of relatedness Is Inherently (Tacitly, and Effortlessly) Transcended In the Inherently Non-Dualistic (or Inherently Non-"Different", and Tacitly Indifferent) Feeling of Mere Being (Itself).

Therefore, My Eternal "Blessing-Seat" Is the Heart Itself—Which Is the One and Only and Inherently Indivisible Conscious Light (Itself).

Beloved, I Am Da—the Divine Giver, the Divine Gift, the Divine Person (Who Is the Heart Itself), the Divine Self-Condition (What Is the One and Only and Inherently Indivisible Conscious Light, Itself), the Self-"Bright" Divine Source-Condition (of all-and-All), and the Centerless and Boundless Spherical "Bright" Divine Self-Domain ("Where" I Always Already Stand, As the Very, and Inherently Perfect, Self-Condition, or Indivisible Divine Person, of all-and-All).

[The Lion Sutra]

The Paradox of Reality
By Avatar Adi Da Samraj

There Is No "thing".

There Is No "other".

There Is No Separate person.

There Is No world.

There Is No Cosmic Domain.

There Is No such experience.

There Are No Two "Things".

There Is Only One.

There Is Only This Samadhi.

This Samadhi Is Utterly Oblivious—Without a smallest shape Of "Difference", or Even a sizeless particle Of Separation.

Therefore, How Can There Be an experience? How Can There Be a body? How Can There Be a world? How Can There Be a relationship?

Thus, This Immense Cycle Of Motions and worlds and epochs—With All The Suffering In It, and Everything It Involves Altogether—Is Not Happening, and Never Did Happen.

There Is No Suffering.

There Is No Godlessness.

There Is Not The Slightest Modification Of The Divine "Bright" Spherical Self-Domain.

This Is Really So—Not Merely Metaphorically So.

Even What Appears To Be Your present lifetime Of Difficulty and Struggle Is Not Happening, and Never Happened—Apart From Reality Itself. And, Yet, From any Particularized point of view, The Reality (In Reality) Of All Apparent Happenings Is Clearly and Undeniably So.

Reality (Itself, and Totally) Is An Immense (and, Yet, Perfectly Sizeless) Paradox That Cannot (From any conditional point of view) Be Comprehended. Ultimately, All conditional Efforts To Investigate Reality and Figure It Out Are Confounded. Only Reality Itself Comprehends Itself (and whatever and All That Is conditionally Existing).

[The Dawn Horse Testament of the Ruchira Avatar]


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