​​The Conscious conditional "self" (or apparently individual "subject") "knows" its every "object", but no "object" can "know" its "knower".

No "thing" can Contemplate Consciousness.

Therefore, Energy (Itself) cannot Contemplate (or ever "know") Consciousness (Itself).

Consciousness (Itself) only (Eternally) Contemplates Itself.

Consciousness (Itself) Is the Native and Inherently Perfect Intuition of Being (Itself).

Being (Itself) Is Self-Existing and Self-Radiant.

Consciousness (Itself) Is the Eternal Contemplation of the Self-Existing Self-Radiance (or Inherent Energy) of Being (Itself).

Therefore, Consciousness (Itself) Is the Contemplation (and Real Observation) of Energy (Itself).

Consciousness (Itself) Is Merely Being (or Existence Itself), Self-Radiant (As Primal Radiance, or Energy Itself), appearing to be modified as all forms and changes.

Consciousness (Itself) Is Inherently Free Radiance, or Bliss, or Happiness (Itself).

Consciousness (Itself)—Realized As Inherent Freedom and Self-Radiant and Self-Existing Bliss, or Happiness (Itself)—Is the Realization of Real God, or Truth, or Reality (Itself).

Therefore, Consciousness (Itself)—Self-Existing As Being (Itself), and Self-Radiant As Bliss-Energy (Itself), or Happiness (Itself)—Is the Divine Being, the Eternal Spirit, Forever Standing in the Midst of Life.



​​“The Reality of Existence Is Not Two—but One”
 [From "I Am The Icon Of Unity" in He-and-She Is Me]

The "Divine Shakti" Is Me. And I Am "She". And "She" Is Most Perfectly Conformed to Me.

I am not a Male Principle, "over against" a Female Principle.

I Am Only the One Indivisible Consciousness-Light Itself—Infinitely Self-Radiant and Self-Existing, neither Male nor Female. My own Self-Existing Self-Consciousness Is the One and Only and Non-Separate (or Indivisible) and Indestructible Being, Condition, and Reality That Is Always Already The Case.

"She" Is the Inherent Radiance of My Divine Being. My own Self-Radiance (or Divine "Brightness") Is the Condition in Which (and As a modification of Which) all conditionally apparent beings are arising. My own Self-Existing Self-Radiance Is the One and Only and Indivisible and Indestructible Light (or Energy, or Love-Bliss-Fullness) That Is Always Already The Case.

​​Therefore, there is no inherent (or ultimate) "difference" between "Siva" and "Shakti" (or Consciousness and Light).

The Reality of Existence is not Two—but One.

And I—in My own Cosmically Apparent Form and Passion—Am the precise Incarnation of That Unity.

There is no Two-ness in Me—but Only One. . . .

Therefore, I Say to you, now and always: All Is One—and you (Beyond, and Most Perfectly Prior to, the ego-"I" of self-contracted body-mind) Are That One (Non-Separately—Beyond, and Most Perfectly Prior to, all "difference").

My Divine Self-Condition of Indivisible Oneness (As Conscious Light) Is What you must Realize.

I could not have Accomplished (or Fulfilled) the Self-Liberating Work of My "Sadhana Years" if My Divine Self-Realization had not been intact (or Inherent, and never broken) from (and always after) the beginning of My Avataric Birth and Submission here.

Truly, I began That Great Work (and even all My Avataric Divine Work) . . . even billions of years (and even a countless Vastness of time) ago, before the "Big Bang" of this conditional cosmic domain.

"Tat Sundaram!—All Of This Is Sacred, All Of This Is Beautiful!”
[From Eleutherios]

Every conditional "thing" (or apparent "object") is only Energy (Itself).

Every conditional "self" (or apparently individual "subject") Is only Consciousness (Itself).

Excerpts from the Nondual Teachings

                                          of Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Consciousness (Itself) Is Inherently Free Radiance, or Bliss,

or Happiness (Itself).

                                                          —Avatar Adi Da Samraj


The Divine Way Given by
 Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da, 2008