You must be open Up,
Up to Me—
for I Am Infinitely Above
your head.
You must be open Up to Me,
like a waiting cup of love,
and allow the all 
that is between Me and below,
to Melt down
in My Force,
By this Melting,
I am permitted to Descend
into your selfless body-mind.

The head and heart,
the body,
the whole breathing form
experience My Transmission
by Descent,
felt in every kind of manner
in the body-mind. . . .

The love-to-Me gestures made to Me, 
made by any of-Me devotee
in a here-below body
of life,
flash to Me
at a Great Height,
with barely a Glance,
My Signal of Love-Bliss
Returns to the love-of-Love receiver.
in each case,
I Am felt, experienced,
directly Overhead,
Above the body-mind
that tracks to Me
with every faculty.

This is how you Find Me,
if you love Me.

[Hridaya Rosary]


I Can Always Be Experienced in the Manner of My Tangible Touch

                                                                                     by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da, 2008


 Avatar Adi Da Samraj
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