I Can Always Be Experienced in the Manner of My Tangible Touch

                                                                                     by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

 Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The Divine Way Given by


Avatar Adi Da, 2008

You must be open Up,
Up to Me—
for I Am Infinitely Above
your head.
You must be open Up to Me,
like a waiting cup of love,
and allow the all 
that is between Me and below,
to Melt down
in My Force,
By this Melting,
I am permitted to Descend
into your selfless body-mind.

The head and heart,
the body,
the whole breathing form
experience My Transmission
by Descent,
felt in every kind of manner
in the body-mind. . . .

The love-to-Me gestures made to Me, 
made by any of-Me devotee
in a here-below body
of life,
flash to Me
at a Great Height,
with barely a Glance,
My Signal of Love-Bliss
Returns to the love-of-Love receiver.
in each case,
I Am felt, experienced,
directly Overhead,
Above the body-mind
that tracks to Me
with every faculty.

This is how you Find Me,
if you love Me.

[Hridaya Rosary]