The Divine Way Given by
 Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da, 2008

I Am The Divine Person Of Life

                                                                 by Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Aham Da Asmi. Beloved, I Am Da—Now (and Forever Hereafter) Avatarically Self-Revealed To all-and-All.

Only Love Me, Remember Me, Have Faith In Me, and Trust Me.

Surrender To Me. Breathe Me and Feel Me In all Your parts.

My Love-Bliss-"Bright" egoless Self-Condition Can Also (By Means Of My Avatarically Given, and Always Only Me-Revealing, Divine Spiritual Grace) Be Realized By You—If You Forget Your Separate and dying self By Remembering and Receiving Only Me.

Therefore—Now, and Forever Hereafter—I Am here (By All My Divine Avataric Means).

I Am Joy—and I Am The Reason For It.

I Love The Happiness Of My Devotee. That Happiness Is (Itself) The Very (and Most Prior) Consciousness Of every conditionally Manifested being. And Happiness (Itself) Is The Conscious Light Of the world.

I Am Happiness (or Love-Bliss) Itself.

Therefore, Listen To Me, Hear Me, See Me, and, By All These Means, Freely Understand and Realize My Divine Secrets.

[Aham Da Asmi]


​​I Will Save You From Spiritual death, and From the egoic mind of death, and From the egoic destinies of after-death.

I Will Dissolve All Your Bewilderment Of ego-"I".

Even Now You Inhere In Me, Beyond the body-mind and the world. Therefore, Do Not Be Afraid. Do Not Be Confused. Observe My Divine Avataric Play—and My Divine Avataric  Victory.

I Am The Divine Person Of Life, The Only and Self-Evidently Divine Self-Condition, Become Avatarically Incarnate. And, When My Avatarically-Born Human Physical Body Is alive, or Even After My Avatarically-Born Human Physical Body Is dead, I Am (Myself) Infinitely Present and every where Alive.

I Am Joy—and I Am The Reason For It.

                                                           —Avatar Adi Da Samraj