The Divine Way Given by
 Avatar Adi Da Samraj

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: How can I be loved if the heart does not devotionally recognize Me? How can I be loved if the entire body-mind does not devotionally respond to Me? How can I be loved if the hair does not stand on end when there is Contemplation of Me? How can I be loved if the heart does not melt in My Presence? How can I be loved if tears of joy do not pass freely from the eyes when I am Standing There?

If I am loved, then the entire body-mind of My devotee is Filled by My Love-Bliss. If My devotee is Filled by Me through Love-Communion, the voice often falters and chokes with the emotion of love. Because My true devotee always dwells in Contemplation of Me at the heart, there is often joyous weeping, and sudden laughing—for no reason but the Fullness of Me. My true devotee freely sings aloud of Me. My true devotee always speaks of Me, to one and all, and often dances with casual joy, in the unending always of Remembering Me. Even all the movements of My true devotee are a dance of joy in love of Me.

Gold can be made pure and bright only through submission to fire. Just so, the heart of My true devotee is purified and Liberated from its dark urges only by submission to ego-transcending Love-Communion with Me. Only Thus, by Means of submission to the Ever-Lighted Fire of My Avataric Divine Grace, is My true devotee Made Spiritually "Bright", Awakened to Indivisible and Indestructible Unity with Me.

By Attracting all beings to My Only-Once-Incarnate Form, and (Thereby) to My Divine Spiritual Body, and (Thereby) to My Divine Eternal Person—I (Now, and Forever Hereafter) Serve the purification and the "Bright" Awakening of the entire world.
[Aham Da Asmi]


Avatar Adi Da, 1993

How Can I Be Loved…?

                                    by Avatar Adi Da Samraj